Japanese Caspian Sea: dried organic & probiotic heirloom yogurt starter

Japanese Caspian Sea: dried organic & probiotic heirloom yogurt starter


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Japanese Caspian Sea yogurt is basically the same as matsoni, but has a slightly different texture, than the yogurt listed under matsoni.

It's rich in probiotics and contains active live bacteria from the species Lactobacillus lactis subsp. cremoris and Acetobacter orientalis.

The big difference with the yogurt listed as matsoni is that this one has the same ropy structure as viili. In fact viili and Japanse Caspian Sea yogurt could be easily mistaken for one another.

The difference however is taste. Japanese Caspian Sea yogurt has a more traditional yogurt taste. Texture-wise however it's similar to viili.

The "Japanese" in the name comes from the fact that this is one of the most popular yogurts in Japan and this type is mostly known by the "Japanese Caspian Sea" yogurt name.

It's a mesophilic yogurt which means it cultures at room temperature and doesn't require any additional heat. Unlike kefir there are also no 'grains'. This makes it one of the easiest and most time friendly yoghurts. No yogurt maker required !!!

You just need to take out a spoon of yogurt to make a new batch and since it's a true heirloom yogurt you can keep doing that indefinitely.

What will you receive?

- 1 packet of Japanese Caspian Sea (powder)
- Clear step by step instructions
- Free email support

Our cultures are dried, for the simple reason that it's more reliable to ship the dried cultures and from experience we know they offer better results because long term handling do not affect the dried cultures as much as the fresh live packets.

For those living in Belgium or the direct neighboring countries we can ship fresh live packets at your request. But note they offer no additional benefit over dried cultures.


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