Quest for a healthy microbiome

It all started when I was faced with health problems, suffering from spastic colon and a chronic sinusitis that required regular use of antibiotics which actually aggravated the issues over time.

I am a biochemistry engineer who graduated on the subject of milk treatment but somehow I ended up in ICT as a programmer. When my brother gave me milk kefir I didn't think much of it but drank it daily during breakfast. Amazingly months went by without sinusitis and also my gut problems improved over time. Intrigued by the results I started to do some research in the relationship between bacteria and health issues and was surprised by what I discovered.

Milk kefir is a very interesting product but it's tedious to make because you need to strain the kefir "grains". Other commercial yogurts didn't taste as good unless I added sugar which kinda defeated the purpose of eating it. Until my brother told me of Viili a Finnish yogurt that had a mild taste and was ridiculously easy to make.

I tried most commercial yogurts but they didn't offer the same effect and most were full of starch, thickeners, artificial coloring and taste. But above all my sinusitis returned.

So in the end I bought viili from a Finnish woman and I developed a technique to produce dried starters. This allows me to help others suffering from similar issues or to just help people discover other yogurts they can make on their own.

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